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Proactively Driving for Results in Your Career: An Inspirational Success Talks Episode with Julia Stewart

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Episode Recap & Wrap up 

In driving for results, building relationships is the single most important characteristic we can utilize, according to Julia Stewart, Chairman and CEO of DineEquity, Inc.. Over the past 40 years, Julia has garnered a successful track record in turning around and building brands. As the first female CEO of IHOP, she was able to lead the brand turnaround and improve the company’s financial performance by doubling system wide sales. Julia, affectionately known as the “Change Agent,” “Energizer Bunny,” and “Velvet Hammer”, gave us the recipe during her webinar on how to drive for results without running people over.

Julia shared that in order to be successful in turning around a brand and driving for results, you need to consider the following:
 I. Core Items:
 1. The right team/right people;
 2. Clarity of purpose;
 3. Objectives;
 4. Alignment of strategies;
 5. Socialization/Communication of your purpose, objectives and strategies; and
 6. Constant reinforcement of these principals. There has to be buy-in on the “how”, “what” and why”.
II. Metrics:
Julia believes in the importance of metrics stating that “You get what you measure. If you are not getting it; you are not measuring it.” She advises that the types of metrics you establish depend on your particular situation. In order to properly assess the situation, you need to do your research. To determine what to focus on , you should: 1) spend time listening and asking people what they think; 2) look at consumer research; 3) access your experience; and 4) combine these three things and get reflective. Look for commonalities and begin to establish the big picture of what is working and what is not working (the good and the bad must be addressed). Julia cautions us to remember to focus on only a few things and go after them. There is some science and art to narrowing down the things to focus on. As you go forward, if you find that there are some things that should change, change them. You must be flexible as that becomes invaluable in reaching your ultimate goal.
 III. Vision
Julia believes in the importance of having a clear vision, both personally and professionally. After establishing your vision, you must then develop your strategy.
 IV. Relationships
Julia believes that you don’t ever stop building relationships as that is the single most important item in driving for results/success. She advises that you can’t do it alone. You must have the right team. Surround yourself with people who are brighter and smarter than you. Also, you must be open to receiving feedback that helps you grow. Julia advises that to ensure that you receive the feedback you need, you have to “listen loudly” with both ears. In addition, you must not only give constructive feedback, but also seek to receive it.